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Laurie + MaryJane is an award-winning, family-owned edible company founded by Laurie Wolf - named “The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles” by The New Yorker. We believe our products are only as good as the ingredients that go into them. From organic, fair-trade chocolate to infused full-spectrum, organic coconut oil, you can taste the quality of our ingredients in every bite. Through award-winning recipes to award-winning products, Laurie + MaryJane is raising the bar on edibles.



— Leafly

Illustration by Olimpia Zagnoli, for The New Yorker

Illustration by Olimpia Zagnoli, for The New Yorker


A classically trained chef and food editor, Laurie Wolf founded Laurie + MaryJane to provide high quality, reliable edibles for adults and medical patients after finding success treating her own epilepsy with cannabis.

In addition to finding Laurie’s edibles on the shelves of 200+ dispensaries around Oregon, you can also find our edible guides and recipes across four cookbooks and eight major cannabis publications, as well as our recipe blog.


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Edibles 101

Edibles are a discreet way to intake and enjoy cannabis in situations where smoking is not possible. The effects of ingesting marijuana can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to begin, and last for several hours. Edibles may provide a more gradual psychoactive effect as well as a more powerful body feel. Everyone's experience is unique. If you are new to edibles, we suggest starting with a 5mg THC dose and waiting several hours to assess its effects on you.

For recipes, tips, and guides to make your own edibles, visit


Laurie + MaryJane produces small-batch, full-spectrum edibles of the highest quality. Our award-winning products are handcrafted and rigorously tested to ensure delicious and consistently cannabis-infused products available in 200+ shops throughout Oregon.

Infused with organic, craft hemp grown by East Fork Cultivars in southern Oregon, our CBD products are simple, clean, and lab tested for consistent and reliable results. Currently available at all New Seasons Markets throughout Portland, OR.

From soup to nuts, you can infuse just about anything. Once you get the basics down, the world is your oyster. We’ll walk you through infusion techniques, potency calibration, and recipe basics to take your edible creations to the next level.