Breakfast Parfait with CBD Granola

Granola Parfait.jpg

Parfait, from the French word meaning perfect, is just that - perfection in a glass. Layers of granola, yogurt, and fresh raspberries make for a breakfast treat that is both healthy and delicious.

Serves 4

1 1/4 cup Morning Blend CBD Granola

½ cup fresh raspberries, save a couple for garnish

4  cups vanilla Greek yogurt


  1. Place 4 glasses on your work surface.

  2. Spoon two tablespoons of granola in the bottom of each glass.

  3. Add a few raspberries, followed by a few tablespoons of yogurt on top. 

  4. Repeat the process.

  5. End with one tablespoon of granola and a few raspberries on top of each glass.


Each serving has a total of 5 tablespoons Morning Blend CBD Granola, for a total of 19mg CBD per parfait.

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